“Our chefs are a strong contribution to the success of Hanami. Their experience come from a long line of prestigious restaurants all over the world including Oslo. Over the years they have accustomed the art of traditional Japanese cooking along with a creative twist.”

– Head Chef


Zensai are small bits of food served before dinner 

Izakaya style - Japanese small dishes

Japanese small dishes meant for sharing, giving you the opportunity to taste a variety of exciting flavors

  • Edamame with seasalt - SO 115,-
  • Edamame glazed with chili and garlic - SO 120,-
  • Vegetable tempura - W, E, M, SO, F 149,-
  • Pickled shimeji, raw enoki, hazelnuts, green apple, warm cream cheese and teriyaki syrup - M, HN, SO, W 145,-
  • Tempura scampi - H, SO, M, E, SK, F 198,-
  • Crispy svine-bao med hjemmelaget kimchi – 2 stk F, H, M, SO, SEN, SE, SK, E 189,-
  • Sous vide duck breast with teriyaki, grilled fig and bok choi 295,-
  • Slow cooked pork belly with apple miso and apple yuzu salad - W, M, SO, MU 239,-
  • Beef tataki with ginger shallot dressing - SO, SE, M 189,-
  • Crispy baby artichokes, mushroom, truffle emulsion, grapefruit and herbs - E, F, W, SE, SF, MU 159,-
  • Miniburger with wagyu, toro and avruga W, E, M, F, MU, MO 189,-
  • Tuna tartar with jalapeño foam and pomegranate - W, F, M, SE, SO 189,-
  • Grilled corncobs with orange and truffle butter M, SE, SO 130,-
  • Vegetarian mini burger W, M, E, MU, SO 125,-
  • Pan fried sea bass with apple-lime puree and lemongrass foam F, M 209,-
  • 2 Scallops from Hitra MO, SO 349,-


  • Red miso soup served with tofu, seaweed, spring onion and enoki mushrooms - W, F, SO, SE 129,-


Hanami's specialties

  • Oven roasted lobster - M, F, SO, SF, SE 645,-
  • Black cod - W, SO, F 459,-
  • Roasted farm chicken with ginger and marukome miso marinade - W, SO, SE 349,-
  • Risotto with lobster and leek, Alfonso-mango and shellfish foam - SF, M 279,-
  • Dorado med miso-padron puré og grillet asparges F, SU, H, SO 369,-

Robata grill

Fresh seafood, juicy meats and seasonal vegetables are grilled over an open hearth. This allows the fish and the meat to retain its tenderness and juiciness, and get their own delicious barbecue taste.

  • Grilled spareribs with hoisin, pickled daikon and pumpkin - W, SO, MU, SE, SF 219,-
  • Hickory smoked rack of lamb - MU, SE 559,-
  • Wagyu steak - (ask your waiter about allergens) 689,-


Ceviche is a mixture of fish or shellfish, prepared with a citrus marinade, typically enhanced by the addition of chili, onion and coriander

  • Scallop, grapefruit, coriander, chili, citrus and coconut - SF, MO, MU 209,-
  • Salmon, yuzu, blackcurrant, kumquat, dried shiso and coriander - F 199,-
  • Turbot, passionfruit, coriander, citrus, mint and chili - F 209,-
  • Ceviche sampler - F, SF, MO, MU 399,-


  • Hanami’s signature salad with honey and coconut dressing 145,-
  • Avocado and cress salad with soy and lime dressing - SO, SE 149,-


  • Roasted sweet potato, yuzu-tofu dressing and roasted nuts HN, SO 125,-
  • Rice 59,-
Kid's menu
  • Mini Hanami - W, M, E 155,-

Sushi bar

Hanami’s special sashimi
Gunkan maki / 2 pieces

Hoso maki – 6 biter

  • Kappa maki - cucumber and sesame seeds - SE 99,-
  • Waninashi - avocado, sesame seeds and wasabi - SE, MU 99,-
  • Tekka maki - tuna, wasabi / salmon, wasabi - F, MU 135,-
Maki / 6 pieces
Tempura maki / 6 pieces
  • Soft-shell crab with chili mayonnaise - W, M, SF, E, F, SE, SO, MU 179,-
  • Tempura scampi - avocado and flying fish roe - W, SF, F, E, M, SO 169,-
  • Vegetarian maki, grilled broccolini, pickled carrot and golden beetroot chips - MU, SO, E, SE 145,-

All sushi can have traces of fish and shellfish


  • A selection of Hanami’s ice cream and sorbet - M, E 155,-
  • Petit fours - Ask your waiter about allergens 49,- per piece

M: Milk
HN: Hazelnuts
AL: Almonds
CN: Cashews
B: Barley

LU: Lupin
W: Wheat
PN: Pine nuts
MO: Molluscs

SO: Soya
MU: Mustard
SU: Sulphite
E: Egg

F: Fish
SE: Sesame
CEL: Celery
SF: Shellfish

Grunnet nye restriksjoner fra myndighetene holder restauranten midlertidig stengt på ubestemt tid fra tirsdag 10.11.2020.

Ta godt vare på hverandre og så håper vi at vi sees snart igjen.