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Hanami Take Away
Izakaya style - Japanese small dishes

Japanese small dishes meant for sharing, giving you the opportunity to taste a variety of exciting flavors

Edamame with seasalt - SO   109,-
Edamame glazed with chili and garlic - SO   115,-
Vegetable tempura - W, E, M, SO, F   135,-
Quail yakitori with fresh wasabi and pickled lotus root - SO, W, MU, SE   169,-
Ama ebi tartare with ponzu jelly, avocado cream, rice cracker and daikon oroshi - F, SF, E, SE, SO   169,-
Pickled shimeji, raw enoki, hazelnuts, green apple, warm cream cheese and teriyaki syrup - M, HN, SO, W    139,-
Tempura scampi - W, M, F, E, SF, SO   185,-
Soft shell crab with wasabi mayonnaise - W, E, M, SF, MU   205,-
Grilled king crab with plum miso butter, salad with ginger and chili dressing - W, SF, SO, SE   429,-
Sous vide duck breast with miso cauliflower cream, kombu jelly, grapefruit caramel and fig chips - W, SO, M, F    295,-
Slow cooked pork belly with apple miso and garlic chips - W, M, SO, SE   215,-
Beef tataki with ginger shallot dressing - SO, SE, M   189,-
Beef gyoza with sanbaizu sauce and goma ponzu - SO, SE, W, M, E, F   215,-
Mini burger with wagyu, toro and avruga - W, E, M, F, MU   179,-
Lobster and mango salad with lime dressing - SF   319,-
Fried zucchini and cheese balls with tofu dressing - W, M, E, SE, SO   189,-
Tuna tartar with jalapeño foam and pomegranate - W, F, M, SE, SO   189,-
Grilled corncobs with orange butter - M, W, SE, SO   119,-
Vegetarian mini burger - W, M, E, SE, MU   125,-
Pan fried seabass with sea buckthorn marmalade, lemongrass foam and lime jelly - F, M   255,-
Scallops from Hitra with green shiso dressing - MO, SO   285,-

One spoon of 2 gram high quality caviar - F 
One chilled Ketel One vodka shot 139,-
A tin of 10 gram high quality caviar - F 
One chilled Ketel One vodka shot 139,-


Hanamis specialties

Oven roasted lobster - M, F, SO, SF, SE   625,-
Roasted farm chicken with ginger and marukome miso marinade - W, SO, SE   335,-

Black cod - W, SO, F   455,-
Fried lemon sole with shiso teriyaki dressing and spicy daikon - F, W, E, SO, SE, SF   259,-
Robata grill

Fresh seafood, juicy meats and seasonal vegetables are grilled over an open hearth. This allows the fish and the meat to retain its tenderness and juiciness, and get their own delicious barbecue taste.

Grilled spareribs with Asian barbecue sauce and pickled cucumber - W, SO, SE   199,-
Hickory smoked rack of lamb - MU, SE   449,-
Wagyu steak - (ask your waiter about allergens)   619,-
Spicy beef tenderloin - SE, SO   365,-
Hanami’s chicken wings - SE   169,-
Grilled rib eye steak with black truffle ice cream, portobello mushrooms and artichoke crisp - M, SE   459,-
Marinated veal with herbs crisp, miso dressing and pickled beetroot - W, SO, SE, MU   475,-
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Ceviche is a mixture of fish or shellfish, prepared with a citrus marinade, typically enhanced by the addition of chili, onion and coriander

Scallop, grapefruit, coriander, chili, citrus and coconut - SF, MO, MU   199,-
Salmon, yuzu, blackcurrant, kumquat, dried shiso and coriander - F   189,-

Turbot, passionfruit, coriander, citrus, mint and chili - F   209,-
Ceviche sampler - F, SF, MO, MU   395,-

Hanami’s signature salad with honey and coconut dressing    139,-
Avocado and cress salad with soy and lime dressing - SO, SE   139,-
Spinach salad with truffle oil, parmesan and dry miso - W, SO, M   139,-

Crispy baby artichokes, mushroom, truffle emulsion, grapefruit and herbs - E, F, W, SE, SF, MU    119,-
Grilled sweet potato, yuzu-tofu dressing and roasted nuts - HN, SO   119,-
Rice   49,-

Kids' menu

Mini Hanami - W, M, E   149,-
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Sushi bar

Nigiri 2 pieces / Sashimi 3 slices

Sake: Salmon - F   95,-
Akami: Tuna - F   135,-
Chutoro: Medium Fatty tuna - F   160,-
Otoro: Fatty tuna - F   195,-
Suzuki: Seabass - F   115,-
Ebi: Shrimp - SF   115,-
Hamachi: Yellowtail - F   135,-
Hotate: Scallop - MO   115,-
Hirame: Halibut - F   115,-
Ama ebi: Raw shrimp - SF   105,-
Ise Ebi: Lobster - SF   169,-
Kani: King crab - SF   159,-
Unagi: Marinated eel (served hot) - W, SO, F   139,-

Maki / 6 pieces

California maki - king crab and avocado cream - H, SF, E, F, SO, MU   169,-
Crispy salmon skin and warm cream cheese - F, SE, SO, M   169,-
Fried spicy tuna - W, F, E, SE, SO, MU   169,-
Yuzu marinated salmon with coriander and chili - F, SO, SE   159,-
Salmon maki with tempura spring onion - F, SE, W, E, M   149,-
Eel maki with kimchi sesame and teriyaki glaze - W, F, SE, SO, MU   159,-
Grilled spicy scallops and ponzu mayonnaise - F, E, MO, SO, MU, W   159,-
Hanami’s vegetarian maki - SE, SO, MU   139,-
Wagyu beef maki - SO, SE, W, F, MU   205,-
Halibut with salsa - SO, SE, F, MU   159,-
Ebi and avocado maki gratinated with spicy shiso butter - SO, SE, F, M, SF    159,-
Torched salmon maki with smoked ikura mayonnaise and sweet potato chips - F, SO, SE, E, MU    159,-
Tuna, spicy mayo, spring onion and sesame seeds - W, F   155,-
Tuna, chili, plum sake paste, roasted hazelnuts, bonito and pumpkin seed oil - F, M, HN    169,-

Tempura maki / 6 pieces

Hanami maki with tempura scampi, four types of fish and vegetables - W, M, SF, E, F, SE, MU, SO    179,-
Soft-shell crab with chili mayonnaise - W, M, SF, E, F, SE, SO, MU   179,-
Tempura scampi - avocado and flying fish roe - W, SF, F, E, M, SO   159,-
Tempura salmon and sun-dried tomatoes - W, MU, E, F, M, SF   159,-
Vegetarian maki with asparagus tempura, sun-dried tomato pesto and squash - F, W, SE, M, E, SO, SF, MU    139,-
Deep fried hamachi, pickled cucumber, sun dried tomato, topped with kombu tonic gel, beetroot chips and rosemary salt - F, MU    159,-


Catch of the week - ask your waiter (ask your waiter about allergens) 
Otoro tartar with five years old aged soy, wasabi and dried bonito flakes - F, SO, W    185,-
Hanami oysters: coffee soy gel, finger lime and tabasco - 2 pcs - SO, MO    119,-

Hanami’s special sashimi

Yellowtail with black caviar and oriental salsa - SO, SE, F    225,-
Tuna in truffle soy sauce - SO, F   259,-
Salmon with mango and honey dressing - F, MU   199,-
Sea bass with jalapeño and apple puree, black caviar and lotus chips - SO, F, SE   199,-
Otoro with wasabi salsa, ikura, kimchi sesame, ponzu and sakura mix - SE, F, W, SO, MU   335,-
Smoked halibut, sea urchin foam, yuzu and soy gel and goji berries - F, MO, SO, M, SU, MU    219,-
Salmon, jalapeño dressing, fennel and cucumber pickles, løyrom and black garlic vinaigrette - F, SO, SE, MU    205,-

Hanami’s special nigiri / 2 pieces

Kobujime: Halibut cured in kombu, vinegar and plum sake - F    135,-
Marinated tuna - SO, F    145,-
Tosazu cured salmon with kombu powder - SO, F, SE   135,-
Inari tofu - SO, SE   95,-

Gunkan maki / 2 pieces

Ikura: Salmon roe - F, MU   129,-
Negi-toro: Fatty tuna and spring onion - F, MU   195,-
Engawa: Cooked in sake, marinated in yuzu juice and soya sauce - F   109,-
Pickled shimeji, spring onion, pumpkin seed oil, yuzu and ginger lemonade - MU   109,-
Pickled turnip with spinach and kale puré. Topped with garlic chips    109,-

Hoso maki / 8 pieces

Kappa maki - cucumber and sesame seeds - SE   99,-
Waninashi - avocado, sesame seeds and wasabi - SE, MU   99,-
Tekka maki - tuna, wasabi / salmon, wasabi - F, MU   129,-
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Sweet potato cake, roasted coconut buttercream, lemon curd and coconut sorbet - W, M, E    155,-
Rice mousse, senbei powder, yuzu sake foam and raisin puree - M, SU   155,-
Cream cheese mousse with white peach and passionfruit plum - W, M   155,-
A selection of Hanami’s ice cream and sorbet - M, E   155,-
“Green Sphere” - White chocolate and green tea mousse, green tea meringue, grapefruit and cotton candy - M, E   155,-
Passionfruit ganache, java plum puree, macadamia nuts, passionfruit and ginger ice cream - W, M, E, MAC   155,-
Petit fours - Ask your waiter about allergens   49,- per piece


M: Milk
HN: Hazelnuts
AL: Almonds
CN: Cashews
PN: Pine nuts
LU: Lupin
W: Wheat
B: Barley
MO: Molluscs
SO: Soya
MU: Mustard
SU: Sulphite
E: Egg
F: Fish
SE: Sesame
CEL: Celery
SF: Shellfish
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