Sushi - Hanami Tjuvholmen
Izakaya style - Japanese small dishes

That are made to be shared, giving you the opportunity to taste a variety of exciting flavours.

Edamame with seasalt - SO   95,-
Edamame glazed with spicy tomato, chili and garlic salsa - SO   95,-
Edamame glazed with sticky chicken and ginger jus and sesame - SE, SO   99,-
Vegetable tempura - W, E, SO, F   119,-
Tempura scampi - W, SO, E, SF, F   175,-
Pickled shimeji, raw enoki, hazelnuts, green apple, warm cream cheese and teriyaki syrup - M, HN, SO, W   129,-
Soft-shell crab with wasabi mayonnaise - W, E, SF   169,-
Pan-fried duck breast, duck leg, potato, miso croquette, pickled shiitake mushrooms, green shiso W, E, SO    255,-
Hoisin and plum wine glazed pork belly pickled daikon, pickled butternut squash and chili - W, SO, SE, MU   195,-
Tataki beef with ginger shallot dressing - SO, M   169,-
Pan-fried quail breast, confit leg, teriyaki syrup, hazelnuts, green apple, enoki and pickled shimeji - M, SO, HN   199,-
Risotto of parsley, slow cooked teriyaki oxtail, pomegranate, crispy chicken skin, chicken lemon thyme ice cream - SO, M, W   199,-
Wagyu, Toro, Avruga mini burger - W, E, M, F   139,-
Soup of the day with quality ingredients
Red miso soup served with tofu, seaweed, spring onion and enoki mushrooms W, F, SO   99,-
Hanami Tjuvholmen - Maki sushi

Hanamis specialties

Oven-roasted lobster - M, SO, SF, F, SE   439,-
Pan-fried cod - Chef’s choice - F (ask your waiter about allergens)   245,-
Norwegian lamb sirloin with soyabean hummus, lemon crispy artichokes and chèvre - M, SO   299,-

Black Cod - W, SO, B, F   375,-
Roasted farm chicken with ginger and marukome miso marinade - W, SO, SE, B   299,-
Spice-rubbed venison loin with chestnut pumpkin espuma, port blackberries and Jerusalem artichokes - M, SO   289,-
Robata grill

The meat is grilled quickly over an open grill at a high temperature. This cooking method is in keeping with the traditional robatayaki style and efficiently enhances the natural flavors of the ingredients.

Salmon, carrot & ginger puree, coconut gel, kombu vinegar, carrot meringues, keta, avruga, bottarga - E, F   255,-
Norwegian scallops with crispy chicken skin, chicken juice and sea buckthorn compote - MO, W   249,-
Mangalica pork neck with pine nuts, orange, water chestnuts and pork juice - SO, W, PN, E   299,-
Hickory smoked rack of lamb with herb crust and pickles - W, M, MU   399,-
*Wagyu - chef’s choice - (ask your waiter about allergens)   459,-
Spicy beef tenderloin - SE, SO, W   329,-
*Subject to supplier   
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Hanami Tjuvholmen - California Maki & Tuna

Ceviche is a mixture of fish or shellfish, prepared with a citrus marinade, typically enhanced by the addition of chili, onion and coriander.

Scallop with cumquat, crispy corn, aji amarillo chili, smoked roe emulsion and coriander - SE, SO, MO   189,-
Salmon with coconut, kaffir lime, aji limo chili, pomegranate and coriander - SE, SO, F   179,-

Turbot, spring onion, green chili, pomelo, giant corn - SE, SO, F   189,-
Ceviche sampler - SE, SO, F, SF, MO   269,-

Signature Hanami mixed salad with honey and coconut   125,-
Cress salad with avocado and chive oil - SO, SE   125,-
Courgette salad with butternut squash, carrot, sesame, chili, lemon and ginger - SE   119,-

Crispy baby artichokes, mushroom, truffle and soy emulsion, grapefruit and herbs - E, SO   99,-
Roasted sweet potato, yuzu-tofu dressing and roasted nuts - HN, CW, PN, W   95,-
Rice   39,-

Kids' menu

Mini Hanami - W   149,-
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Hanami Tjuvholmen - Østers & Yuzu Curd
Sushi bar

Nigiri 2 pieces - Sashimi 3 slices

Sake: Salmon - F   89,-
Maguro: Tuna - F   129,-
Toro: Fat tuna - F   170,-
Suzuki: Seabass- F   109,-
Ebi: Shrimp - SF   109,-
Hamachi: Yellowtail - F   129,-
Hotate: Scallop - M   109,-
Hirame: Halibut- F   109,-
Ama ebi: Raw shrimp - SF   89,-
Ise Ebi: Lobster - SF   159,-
Kani: King crab - SF   149,-
Engawa: Fat from halibut- F, SE   99,-
Unagi: Marinated eel, served hot - W, SO, F   129,-

Maki - 6 pieces

California maki king crab and avocado cream - SF, E, F, M    159,-
Crispy salmon skin and warm cream cheese - F, SE, M   159,-
Fried spicy tuna - W, F, E, SE    159,-
Salmon with apple sauce - E, F   145,-
Salmon maki with spring onion - F, SE   135,-
Unagi, cucumber, teriyaki sauce and tobiko - W, F, SE   145,-
Scallops and spicy mayonnaise - F, E, MO   145,-
Salmon with avocado and warm cream cheese - F, M   145,-
Hanami’s vegetarian maki - SE, SO   125,-
Wagyu beef roll maki - SO, SE   170,-
Halibut/hamachi with salsa - SO, SE, F, MU   145,-
Ebi and avocado maki gratinated with spicy shiso butter - SO, SE, F, M, SF    145,-

Tempura maki - 6 pieces

Hanami maki with tempura scampi, four types of fish and vegetables - W, SF, E, F, SE, MU   165,-
Soft-shell crab with chili mayonnaise - W, SF, E, F, SE   165,-
Tempura scampi - avocado and flying fish roe - W, SF, F, E   145,-
Tempura fried salmon and sun-dried tomatoes - W, MU, E, F   145,-


Weekly specialty from the sushi bar & (ask your waiter about allergens)nbsp;  195,-
Two oysters served with special salsa - SO, MO   95,-
Tuna tataki with wasabi salsa and apple foam- SO, F, SE, E   199,-

Hanami’s special sashimi

Smoked halibut with soy onion sauce and goji berries - SO, F   195,-
Yellowtail with black caviar and oriental salsa - SO, SE, F    195,-
Salmon in yuzu-pepper oil and wasabi sour cream - M, F   185,-
Tuna in truffle soy sauce - SO, F   215,-
Salmon with mango and honey dressing - F, MU   185,-
Halibut with yuzu-ginger lemonade and chili gel - SO, F   195,-
Yellowtail with coriander pesto and yuzu soy foam - SO, W, F, B, SE   185,-
Seabass with ponzu salsa and fried leek - SO, F   185,-

Hanami’s special nigiri - 2 pieces

Kobujime - halibut - F    129,-
Marinated tuna- SO, F    135,-
Sea bass, sea urchin and shiso - F, MO   135,-
Inari tofu - SO, SE   89,-

Gunkan maki - 2 pieces

Uni: Sea urchin roe - O   159,-
Ikura: Salmon roe - F   120,-
Tobiko: Flying fish roe - F   110,-
Negi-toro: Fat tuna and spring onion - F   160,-

Hosomaki - 8 pieces

Kappa maki
cucumber, sesame seeds and wasabi - SE 
Tekka maki
tuna or salmon and wasabi - F 
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Hanami Tjuvholmen - Salat

Toffee panna cotta with apple and galangal sorbet, apple and yuzu salad, vanilla bizocho - W, M, E, NA    149,-
Passion fruit and yogurt sorbet with licorice foam - W, M, NA   149,-
Fondant with warm chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream - M, E   145,-
Ice cream and sorbet, a selection of Hanami’s ice creams and sorbets - M, E   149,-
Valrhona biscuit with milk chocholate mousse, orange sorbet and white chocolate powder - E, M, HN   149,-
Cinnamon donuts with pumpkin custard, blackberry jam, spiced bread crumble and green tea ice cream - M, W, E   149,-
White chocolate and miso mousse with chocolate and orange glaze, mochi and pickled cherry sorbet - M, W   149,-
Petit fours - Ask your waiter   49,- per piece


M: Milk
HN: Hazelnuts
NA: Almonds
CN: Cashew
PN: Pine nuts
LU: Lupin
W: Wheat
B: Barley
MO: Molluscs
SO: Soya
MU: Mustard
SU: Sulphite
E: Egg
F: Fish
SE: Sesame
CEL: Celery
SF: Shellfish
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